Turn your crappy day into a happy day!

7.Motivate yourself and stay confident


 It’s all in your mind and you know it! When it rains it pours… and when it’s good it’s great! Yeah, it’s the law of attraction and you CAN control it! It’s not easy when you’re already in a ditch so try to stay positive and attract more positive things with your behavior and state of mind. I find that “Happy Day” protocol very useful here! Before even starting the rub-downs I know deep in my mind that I’m going to feel awesome and have a great day afterwards, the oils have just always worked for me! That’s a good start right? I have some motivational quotes on my board as well, along with some prayers and oola life affirmations which I read as I breathe in the corresponding oola7 oils. What’s your jump-start? An 80’s song? A favorite cup of tea or coffee? Singing in a shower? Do what makes you happy first thing in the morning and attract more good things to your day and to your life!


2 thoughts on “Turn your crappy day into a happy day!

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