Turn your crappy day into a happy day!



 It’s always you worrying about the lunches and dinners, whether you work or not somehow it’s you who’s on top of the laundry and the only one in your household knowing that your family is running low on clean undies. I bet it’s you who organizes the books and the toys, and who pays the bills in spare time. Well, it is also you who deserves a pause button and some you-time. Do something you really enjoy, something that truly relaxes you and don’t feel bad for not spending that time with your kids. You’re husband is the other parent who will do just fine if you give him the opportunity.  At first I didn’t want to miss the walks in the park (and I still don’t!). But I felt like I HAD TO spend all the time with my family and felt guilty for me-time! And even though a walk in a park is a pleasant activity,  not something that will exhaust you or stress you – it’s still your family-time not you-time.


Give your hubby some alone time with kids and you go get your nails/hair done, hit the gym, go in your backyard and read a book or simply sleep. But make sure it’s something that you really enjoy doing.

The other day I asked my husband if he didn’t mind feeding Noah dinner and putting him down all by himself. He said: “Of course, no problem!” Seriously? That easy? (Why do we women always think that we have to do it ALL?) So I took a loooong hot shower with some relaxing oils and homemade body scrub and it felt AMAZING! I had enough time to leave the conditioner in my hair for the time recommended, shave, put lotion on, and oil up for sleep! Oh WOW – I cannot stress enough how much I needed it!  Oh the little things that make us feel so happy and loved!



2 thoughts on “Turn your crappy day into a happy day!

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