Turn your crappy day into a happy day!



Yeah, Yeah… everyone tells you that but you always have an excuse. If signing up for a gym is what you need then go for it but keep in mind that there are tons of videos on YouTube that will kick your butt and get the deed done! And I’m not saying that you have to torture yourself for 3 hours a day. Start small, set little goals that you know you can achieve and then go bigger from there! Here’s how I started: it was difficult for me to get moving after I dropped off Noah at the daycare, there was always something on a TO DO list waiting for me so I went ahead and actually put Work-out on my to-do list ! I said to myself ok, just 10-15 min today and tomorrow we’ll take it from there! I found this video that is only 10 min and once I got my heart pumping I continued with another 20 min cardio video. (There are literally thousands of videos that will match what you like) That doesn’t seem too hard now, does it? And trust me it will make you feel so much better. The endorphins really make your life easier, energetic and positive! Challenge yourself! Plus the spring is coming soon – time to show off more of that body of yours!


2 thoughts on “Turn your crappy day into a happy day!

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