Hair loss? Don’t fuss! there is an oil for that!

Whether it’s your father, uncle, brother, boyfriend or a neighbour I bet you know plenty of people who see  as a problem. Wait, what about girls? Our hair loss may not be as noticeable as in males but still, it happens to more women than you may think. And don’t get me started on the postpartum hormone rollercoaster when I literally thought I was going bold! You get me, right? Well, just recently I started discovering that you can use oils on hair too and I started experimenting on my husband 🙂 He’s a huge skeptic so I took pictures before and after because we weren’t sure if the oils were going to help or not. And with hair growth it’s not a change that you see overnight so having pictures as evidence always helps.

Here’s the first try.

We used YL shampoo + 10 drops of YL lavender oil + 10 drops of YL cedarwood oil and my husband was applying cedarwood neat on his bolding spots with a roll-on bottle 1-2 daily. And here are the results. Not much difference in the front hairline but quite a bit on top.


After 3-4 months I saw that my husband wasn’t really using the oil regularly anymore. He’d put in on 3-5 times a week only so I decided to try something new. Something that maybe I could benefit from as well. See, I couldn’t use the cedarwood oil on my scalp because my hair already has a tendency to get overly greasy and cedarwood is recomended for dry hair/scalp so I didn’t want to risk it. I went with the following recipe:

5-7 drops of each: Rosemary, Thyme, Clary Sage, Cedarwood, Lavender orange(optional-for greasy hair)

Mix that in a glass spray bottle and add water. I use it only when I wash my hair, my husband does it twice a day.  I also put a drop of endoflex over thyroid because my hormones are still not behaving like they used to pre-pregnancy.  And I think it really helps.

This recipe is also great for postpartum hair loss – my hair loss freak out only lasted a month but still, I wish I had this recipe back then. I bet I could have stopped it in no time!


And here is my hubby’s head after the second session.



2 thoughts on “Hair loss? Don’t fuss! there is an oil for that!

  1. I ordered my oils and they shipped today! Can’t wait to try this out. Even women in my family experience hair loss. I didn’t realize it was a spray bottle so I ordered those little rolly bottles, so I will have to find some ASAP. Would you recommend buying a bottle of Fiji water or something filtered to mix it with?


    • Hey! Glad to hear that! I think that you can use the roll-on bottle as well but make sure you share it up before use. It may not be as quick adn convenient as the spray bottle. We normally get the bottles from Make sure to never use plastic with the oils. It’s good to use filtered water… you can do boiled (cooled) water or bottled water. I just use the water filter we have at home. Take care and let me know how it goes.


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